Bacteria on planes, rating WiFi around the world, airlines canceling Venezuela flights


New study shows bacteria can survive on planes for over a week

Researchers at Auburn University did a study on how long bacteria can last on airplane surfaces.

The study found that certain forms of bacteria commonly found on the surfaces of armrests, tray tables, window shades, and leather seats can survive for over a week and have a high risk of being transmitted to passengers who come into contact with these surfaces.

Travel app review: ‘Rotten WiFi’ locates and rates WiFi signals around the world

If you’ll be traveling with your iPhone soon, you may want to download an app called ‘Rotten WiFi.’

A handy new iPhone app helps users sniff out the fastest free wifi and 3G networks on the go. Rotten WiFi isn’t just a tool to rate the performance of a signal; it’s also a social network to warn potential network users of bad hotspots and redirect them to the best connections.

Venezuela says airlines exiting because of World Cup

Venezuela’s president Nicolás Maduro Moros says that airlines are halting flights to his country because of the World Cup, not because of economic concerns.

“Some of these European airlines have reprogrammed flights until the World Cup is over and they’re re-routing flights to Brazil, given the large number of people round the world who want to enjoy the best World Cup we’ll see.”

(Photo: Christopher Doyle/Flickr Creative Commons)