Crazy rock formations, Singapore Marriott $1 breakfast, new Hertz Newark amenities


America’s weird and amazing rock formations

All across the United States you are sure to find some strange rock formations that Mother Nature created. Here are some of them.

Mono Lake Tufa State Natural Reserve, California

To visit Mono Lake is to behold an other-worldly landscape. Located just 13 miles east of Yosemite National Park, this ancient lake receives salt and minerals from Sierra streams, creating calcium carbonate spires called tufa towers that rise majestically from the water.

Singapore Marriott Hotel introduces Stay for Breakfast promotion with SG$1 buffet breakfast

If you’ll be in Singapore between now and July 31, stay at the Marriott and get breakfast for SG$1.

Enhance your stay with a lavish buffet breakfast at Marriott Cafe. The restaurant offers all-day generous buffet fare under the “Freshness Redefined” concept — whereby 10 professional chefs take centre stage at the open kitchen to serve up a highly-curated menu of quality dishes from the East and West. Signature breakfast items include bread and pastries freshly baked every day, and the Singapore Chilli Crab Omelette — breakfast with a local twist!

Hertz adds new amenities for travelers at Newark Airport location

Hertz has added new amenities at its Newark location.

Changes and upgrades include an on-site retail option for food, drink, and sundries, technological support including an iPad station for booking reservations and accessing travel apps, and business tools such as printing and FedEx services. The car rental company is also introducing a “wall of cars”, which will serve as a showcase for the company’s fleet options.

(Photo: Frank Kovalcheck/Flickr Creative Commons)