Delta to operate Virgin Atlantic’s LA-London route, NTSB’s concern over jetliner batteries, JAL to roll out new menu


Delta to operate Virgin Atlantic’s Los Angeles-London route

Delta and Virgin Atlantic will take over some of each other’s routes beginning in October.

Beginning October 26, Delta will take over operations on one of Virgin Atlantic’s two daily flights between London and Los Angeles, while Virgin Atlantic will begin to operate one of Delta’s three daily London-Atlanta flights.

Safety board raises new concerns over jetliner batteries

The National Transportation Safety Board says that batteries such as the lithium-ion batteries that operate the 787 should be put through rigorous tests before being approved for use in commercial aircraft.

The Federal Aviation Administration and Boeing have vouched for the safety of the Dreamliner’s re-designed battery system. And the NTSB said those changes are consistent with its new recommendations.

But the safety board said the FAA needs to revise its 2008 battery standards for all aircraft, which remain in effect.

Japan Airlines to roll out new menu items

Japan Airlines announced that it will roll out new menu items for passengers in Premium Economy and Economy classes on select flights between Tokyo and certain North American cities beginning June 1.

The new menu items will include Tapien, a pork and chicken soup with vermicelli made from mung beans and served with grilled rice balls, as well as custard cake for dessert. The dishes will be offered as a second meal service.

(Photo: Aero Icarus/Flickr Creative Commons)