JetBlue’s new bedding, UA’s passport scanning app, Big Brother is watching you


JetBlue to offer new in-flight bedding products in Mint

JetBlue announced that passengers in its Mint cabin will be offered in-flight bedding products.

London Luxury, a home goods manufacturer, will supply premium pillows and blankets to the airline for its Mint passengers on flights between New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport and Los Angeles International Airport, the only route on which Mint is currently offered.

United Airlines launches mobile app passport scanning

United Airlines became the first airline to allow passengers to scan their passports to check-in via their mobile app.

Customers may access the passport scanning feature when checking in for international flights in the 24 hours before departure. After initiating the app’s check-in feature, customers will have the option of verifying their existing stored passport data or scanning their passport. The app uses the mobile device’s camera feature to capture travelers’ passports, similar to a mobile banking deposit.

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Big Brother is watching you fly through HEL

If you’ll be flying through Helsinki airport, it will be tracking your movement through the terminals and concourses.

If WiFi is enabled on your mobile phone then they’ll be able to see where you’re going; however, thankfully it does sound like you need to opt-in to things before airport officials will be checking you out.

(Photo: John Murphy/Flickr Creative Commons)

  • palladin

    So if you go into BestBuy or some other Big Box retialers they already do this. (Its kinda interesting they can look at displays, see if people stop in front of it and how long they spend there). I’m sure the marketting analyists LOVE it.

    As for using it to resolve congestion at check in desks, yeah sure. (Its like that episode of South Park where the complain to the cable company).