New startups take old names, partnering with Uber, mega-resort to open in Antigua


New startup airlines have old names, give old ideas a new twist

If you were to read the headlines and see names like People Express, you’d think you were reading the headlines from a long time ago. It seems that new companies are taking advantage of the improved business climate and using some of the old companies’ business model.

The original People Express flew from 1981 through 1987 and the new People Express made its inaugural flight on June 30, 2014, from its base in Newport News, Virginia.

People Express is unquestionably following the ultra low-cost carrier model, with one way fares as low as $59, fees of $25 for overhead bin space for a carry-on bag, and $1 for a cup of coffee.

TripAdvisor app now helps travelers get a ride with Uber in more than 40 cities worldwide

Uber, the company that connects drivers with riders, is getting plenty of attention from  travel suppliers worldwide. Companies like United Airlines, Expensify, TripCase and TripAdvisor are partnering with Uber to give travelers less of a hassle when looking for a ride.

Customers with iOS and Android mobile devices may access Uber ground transportation information in the United app’s menu or in the “My Reservations” card with a current reservation. The app will display Uber information, including types of available vehicles, estimated wait times and prices.

Expensify Trips currently tracks a user’s hotel reservations and provides flight status updates for travel itineraries. With SmartRides, Expensify takes travel convenience to the next level: upon landing, an Uber can be automatically ordered to take the traveler straight to their destination, completing the “last mile” of a long journey in style.

Beginning today, TripCase users can seamlessly request an Uber ride and receive a special discount pricing through the TripCase app. Based on advanced geo-location features, the TripCase app will offer travelers an Uber ride at the point in their trip when car services are needed most.

TripAdvisor®, the world’s largest travel site*, today announced a new feature for its smartphone app and mobile website that allows travelers to easily reserve a ride with Uber to restaurants, attractions and hotels in more than 40 cities worldwide.

Mega-resort to be built in Antigua

Yida International Investment Group will invest $1 billion to develop a mega-resort in Antigua.

The so-called Singulari project calls for multiple hotels and what is being billed as the Caribbean’s largest casino, plus residences, a school, a hospital, marinas, golf courses, an entertainment district and a horse track.

Construction is slated to begin early next year, according to a notice posted on Antigua and Barbuda’s official government website.

(Photo: Ted Kitchens/PeoplExpress)