Preparing airline meals are prepared, changes for Atlanta airport, charging stations


Photo essay: How your airline meal is prepared

Ever wonder how your airline meal is prepeared? Go behind the scenes at United Airlines’ kitchen with this photo essay.

Today, airline meals are big business but there are still real people in the kitchen chopping, mixing, sautéing, grilling, and garnishing what is served to you in the air. Here are the faces of the people who work tirelessly to prepare your meals at United Airlines’ Chelsea Food Services in Newark, where over 33,000 meals are made daily.

Hartsfield-Jackson unveils plan for new parking decks, gates, runway

Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson officials unveiled plans for expansion through 2031.

[The plans include] the replacement of the airport’s aging parking garages and eventually, potential additional concourses and a sixth runway.

Plug in at fresh charging stations, from JFK to LAX

The next time you travel through select airports, keep an eye out for new electronic charging stations.

In total there’s 169 brand new charging stations doing their thing, as they’ve been installed over the last couple weeks at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport, New Jersey’s Newark Liberty International Airport, Los Angeles International Airport, and Miami International Airport. Look for them in areas where plenty of travelers are coming and going—think spots like the gate areas, the restaurants, and the shops.

(Photo: Matt @ PEK/Flickr Creative Commons)