Radisson Blu wants travel tips, AA cuts inflight dining, UA orders 787-10s


Radisson Blu launches new blog, encourages consumers to share travel insights

Radisson Blu is launching a new blog and a new contest to encourage travelers to share tips about destinations surrounding their hotel.

In a contest entitled Social Eyes, running August 4 through August 31, travelers are invited to share an insider travel tip about one of the destinations in which Radisson Blu hotels are located. In exchange for specialist travel knowledge, the global hotel brand is opening its doors to the social community. The best tips each week during the contest will win a free room night at any Radisson Blu hotel of their choice worldwide.

American announces changes to in-flight dining options

American Airlines Group is announcing changes to its in-flight dining options in domestic first class.

For flights ranging from two hours to two hours 45 minutes, or 700 to 999 miles (1,126 to 1,607 kilometers) which depart between 5:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m., many that had a traditional meal service will only offer a Lite Bites basket which will vary by time of day, and could include tea sandwiches and fresh fruit as well as other snacks

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United converts majority of 787-8 orders to -10 variant

United Airlines is changing some of its order from 787-8 to 787-10.

The Chicago-based carrier will take the seven 787-10s from 2018 under the deal that was reached with Boeing in July, it says in a quarterly stock exchange filing. The 787-8s were scheduled for delivery in 2017 and 2018.

United now has firm orders for one 787-8 that will be delivered later in 2014, 26 787-9s and 27 787-10s, based on Flightglobal’s calculations and the Ascend Fleets database. The change will leave it with just 12 787-8s in its fleet after the final delivery.

(Photo: Michael Coghlan/Flickr Creative Commons)