TSA body scanners are worth zip, Sahara reborn in Vegas, drunk boards plane via baggage carousel


New study proves just how worthless TSA airport body scanners really are

Critics of the TSA’s full body scanners say they are worthless. A new study may say that they are right.

When the TSA pulled Rapiscan 1000 airport security scanners from airports last summer, it did so out of privacy concerns. However, according to a report released earlier this week by a team of researchers from U.C. San Diego, University of Michigan and Johns Hopkins University, anyone with knowledge of how the scanners work could have easily slipped weapons past security checkpoints.

Storied Sahara casino renamed, reborn; first major Vegas Strip resort opened since downturn

A new resort opened in Las Vegas this past Saturday where the Sahara used to be.

A $415 million pleasure palace called the SLS Las Vegas — short for “Style, Luxury, Service” — opened Saturday with midnight fireworks and a party for 3,600 guests as the Strip’s tired north end continues to enjoy a post-recession renaissance.

Nearby, visitors will notice that an end of the Strip long associated with empty lots, low-budget motels and frozen construction cranes is expanding once again.

‘I’m the co-pilot’: Drunk man boards plane by climbing bag carousel

Officials at Birmingham (UK) airport will definitely take a closer look at security after a drunk man managed to get onto the tarmac and aboard an empty plane by sneaking through the baggage carousel.

[Lee] Jezard cannot remember how he did it because he was too drunk at the time, a court heard on Wednesday.

When his initial co-pilot response didn’t get much traction with the cleaners, he tried to explain he worked for the Navy. But the cleaners weren’t buying that either and he eventually confessed to his crime and was arrested by airport police.

(Photo: David Prasad/Flickr Creative Commons)

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    “New study proves just how worthless TSA airport body scanners really are”

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