United opens new concourse at Logan, TSA PreCheck expands to international airlines, can TSA maintain safety?

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United to open new concourse at Boston Logan

United Airlines opened a new 10-gate concourse in Terminal B at Boston Logan on April 30.

The new concourse will be 97,000 square feet (29,566 square meters) in size, and will include a new ticketing lobby, improved security checkpoints, and a United Club lounge for the airline’s top-tier passengers.

TSA PreCheck expands to foreign airlines

TSA announced that it is expanding its PreCheck program to foreign airlines. Air Canada is the first foreign airline to participate.

Starting Tuesday, Air Canada passengers at 40 airports across the United States may be eligible to use the expedited screening offered at the PreCheck lane. A total of 115 airports currently offer PreCheck.

TSA questioned on ability to maintain safety

A US Senate committee questioned the TSA’s ability to maintain safety and prevent terrorism attacks.

Several incidents, including a shooting in November at Los Angeles Airport that left one TSA official dead, have put the agency under close scrutiny.

The recent stowaway case happened just weeks after the TSA inspected San Jose airport, located in the San Francisco Bay area, and declared it to be in compliance with its security systems.

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    Oh, goody — now even more people can get in on the extortion racket known as Pre-Check. Go, USA!