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JoinUsStar_150Have a voice in the travel world! Become a founding member of Travelers United, a new membership organization built on the principle of travelers helping travelers. For $20 a year, you will become part of an organization that is improving travel, assisting travelers in need and representing the general traveler with the powers that be in Washington, DC.

You are already enjoying some of the benefits of our work, including:

• The 24-hour rule which allows passengers to cancel or change problem airline tickets.
• The full-airfare rule, which requires the advertised price to be the price for which airline tickets can be purchased.
• Increased compensation, up to $1,300 when passengers are faced with denied boarding or bumping.
• Higher liability rules for lost and damaged luggage, up to $3,400 on domestic flights, plus a refund of baggage fees.
• Chris Elliott’s help desk — the country’s largest volunteer, consumer travel help desk.

Check us out at and join together with us to take positive and effective steps toward making travel better.

Your signature is needed! We are over 127,000 signatures in our online campaign! Don’t forget to sign that petition that asks Congress to keep truth-in-advertising laws in place! Please help us reach the next milestone: 250,000 signatures. And if you have already signed it, please forward to a friend!

You want to save the world, don’t you?  Why not join Travelers United as a volunteer? We need individuals with a strong desire to help make the world a better place. Volunteers with WordPress, fundraising and social media experience should contact Renee’ Kronon-Schertz, Executive Director, at [email protected]

The latest from Consumer Traveler

AA CEO misleads his passengers on transparent airfares
Mr. Parker is using his magazine to mislead the public when he could use the same publication to inform his passengers of the dangers of increasing fees and taxes.

Why are these hotel confirmations “irksome to the extreme”?
Sometimes, even environmentally-conscious companies have ridiculous policies. Here’s a Marriott story.

Your business class ticket isn’t changeable — but, airlines can change your seat
Mysteriously, a couple’s seats together in Business Class get changed. The airline claims, “Stuff happens.” Too bad passengers can’t make the same claim.

Are fatigued US air traffic controllers endangering air travelers?
Millions of lives depend on the work of air traffic controllers daily, yet according to the National Academy of Sciences, the FAA is failing to ensure the air traffic controllers aren’t severely fatigued on the job, and unable to keep air passengers safe.

Travelers United helped 15,000+ travelers last year — Join us, travelers helping travelers
Travelers United helped more than 15,000 travelers last year with problems ranging from unjust airline change fees to cruise cancellation fees.

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