Ouch, those cuts really hurt, United!


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Who really benefits from airline codesharing?
It’s one of those unaskable questions in the travel industry, akin to challenging church dogma.

Did United cut its frequent flier program too much?
When United Airlines decided to crack down on travelers who were achieving high status simply by using heavily discounted fares and mileage runs, they did so with relatively little fanfare. But, it is a big deal to frequent fliers.

Why aren’t airlines doing more about intoxicated passengers?
The drinks didn’t stop flowing. Two women sitting in front of me got very drunk, loud and abusive, making the flight awful. When deplaning, one even had to be helped to the terminal.

Anthony Foxx leaves his mark on air travel — for better or worse
Not quite a year on the job, Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx is stepping into a regulatory minefield with a proposal Washington insiders refer to as Passenger Protections 3.

Why don’t airlines enforce their carry-on baggage rules?
Thank you for reading Consumer Traveler’s weekly newsletter. Remember, you can subscribe to our daily email newsletter here.

Why do airlines hate competition?
Norwegian Shuttle already has routes landing in New York, Los Angeles, Fort Lauderdale and Orlando. As it seeks to expand its low-cost service, it is facing a barrage of criticism and political pressure from legacy airlines and their unions.

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