Guess who’s subsidizing those free tickets


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Maybe I should have checked out Roomstays before I booked?
When Patrick LaPella says he made a “complete mess” of his hotel reservations in Covington, KY., you should take him at his word.

Guess who’s subsidizing those free tickets
Most premium travel is written off for hefty tax deductions. Business class and first class get written off together with travel luxuries. It doesn’t seem fair when working class citizens get stuck making up the resulting budget deficits.

Are hotel towel “reuse” programs saving the environment — or the bottom line?
Hotels trumpet how they want guests’ help in conserving water by forgoing changing towels and sheets. I don’t know about you, but I can’t help but think it’s nothing more than a euphemism for “Save Our Bottom Line” — at least for many hotels I’ve used.

What’s better for traveling in Europe — train or rental car?
The truth is, there’s no “best way” to travel through Europe. Sometimes it’s better to rent a car, and sometimes it’s better to hop on the train. Here are 10 European travel situations, with advice on which way to go.

Ouch, those cuts really hurt, United!
Thank you for reading Consumer Traveler’s weekly newsletter. You can subscribe to our daily email newsletter here.

When are passengers going to see new air traffic control benefits?
Though technology has changed for the rest of the world, our aviation system is still mired in the past. As many may or may not know, the air traffic control system in America is cobbled together with a collection of 1950 and 1960 technology.

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