Vote: Which airline is just the worst?

When Skytrax recently announced the top airlines from one of the largest and most comprehensive independent surveys of travelers from around the world, there was something missing. Which airlines are the worst? Tell us.

Charged twice for her flight — should I get involved?

Andrea Mitnick just wanted to book an airline ticket from Charlotte to Philadelphia, nothing more. She thought her first reservation, made from a hotel and a wi-fi with dial-up speed, had failed. “I never received any sort of confirmation that anything had gone through,” she remembers.

Newsletter – July 20, 2015

Thank you for reading Consumer Traveler/Travelers United weekly newsletter. You can subscribe to our daily email newsletter here. A week in review: European rental car fees, Resort fees, Re-evaluating airline change fees, 10 hotel problems which should never happen and more… The U.S. isn’t the only player in the car rental fee game. Consumers also need to be […]

US Nationals can get home despite ID and passport theft

Despite having their ID’s and Passports lost or stolen US Nationals traveling domestically or internationally will still be able to fly home without too much hassle if they are prepared and follow straightforward procedures.