Newsletter – November 15, 2015

The best of and blogs. From an lost computer incident with TSA to DOJ striking against Delta and United for antitrust, and rental car cleaning fees to getting to the airport gate on time.

A saga of two computers and TSA

This is a cautionary tale. My Lenovo ThinkPad computer is old—at least old in laptop computer terms—plus, it’s big, heavy, and clunky. But, it disappeared from a TSA checkpoint. Partially, thanks to TSA, of course.

DC to Baltimore maglev train, adopt a TSA dog, airline fees soar

The world’s fastest trains could be headed to Washington   The government is studying the development of ultra-high-speed trains between Baltimore and Washington, DC. This is part of the multi-million dollar project to improve the rail transportation in the USA. The plan may get support from the Japanese government as well, because trains being used […]