4 reasons why child-free zones aren’t coming to U.S. airlines

Few topics stir up more passions than the subject of children on planes. And the issue hit the headlines recently when a man was arrested for slapping a crying toddler (while adding a racial slur). It's one of those subjects where, at different points in life, travelers find themselves on different sides of the argument.
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What we’re reading: Baby-free quiet zones, ATC changes at O’Hare, passengers restrain unruly traveler

AirAsia to offer baby-free quiet zones in front of planes, ATC changes at O'Haredue to problems, passengers restrain unruly traveler
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What we’re reading: BA/Iberia eyes stake in AA, man leaps from jet during takeoff, enter the Plaza Hotel contest

IAG eyes stake in American Airlines, man jumps from AirAsia Jet on takeoff roll, enter the Plaza Hotel contest

Don’t blink. There’s an upcoming flight where one of the female flight attendants isn’t

Sir Richard Branson, will be dressed as a female flight attendant on a special flight on May 1st between London to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. To make things a wee bit kinky, if one of the 160 passengers bids $650,000, he or she will have the pleasure (?) of shaving Branson's legs.
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What we’re reading: AirAsia and Jetstar unite, first update on AA Jamaica crash, 2009 airline standings

AirAsia and Jetstar unite, Jamaican investigators offer first update on AA crash, airline standings released

Thailand wants tourists and will go a long way to attract them

AirAsia, Southeast Asia's top budget carrier, is giving away 100,000 "free" tickets to Thailand to support the nation's tourist industry that was badly impacted last year when the Bangkok airport was closed because of political demonstrations.
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