What we’re reading: US/AA deal soon? 787 grounded until 2014? Hop! an Air France regional

US/AA deal could come soon, Boeing 787 may be grounded until 2014 if battery solution not found, Air France to launch regional airline called Hop!

What we’re reading: Passengers asked for jet fuel money, self-boarding gates, hotel gym facilities

Passengers asked for cash to refuel, self-boarding gates debut, more US hotels charging for gym facilities

What we’re reading: Air France flash mob, UA passengers stranded for three days, airline lobby group attacks Families Flying Together Act

Flash mob Air France

Flash mob made up of Air France Employees perform at CDG airport.

Booked on Air France — but Delta canceled my ticket!

Whether or not you believe codeshares, airline alliances and joint ventures are necessary evils this days, they aren't going away, as airlines try both to try to market increased service and cut costs at the same time. When they work, fine; when they don't watch out.
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What we’re reading: Final AF 447 crash report released, Airbus, AF don’t escape blame in crash report, El-Al B747 blows engine after takeoff

Final AF 447 crash report reiterates speed sensor problems, pilots’ lack of understanding

The French’s BEA final report on the crash of Air France flight 447 in 2009 that was released last Thursday reiterated two main points: the Airbus A330’s malfunctioning pitot tube and the pilots’ failure to understand the dire situation.
The pilots “had lost their understanding of the situation,” BEA director Jean-Paul Troadec told reporters Thursday. The A330 crashed while en route from Rio de Janeiro to Paris Charles de Gaulle on June 1, 2009, killing all 228 passengers and crew. It took fewer than four minutes to fall from approximately 38,000 ft. into the waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

What we’re reading: Air France all-female crew, ultimate carry-on for kids, Dreamliner’s windows too bright

Air France is flying with an all-female crew, the ultimate carry-on for kids, ANA may put blinds on Dreamliner's windows to totally block out light

What we’re reading: Air France/KLM adds WiFi, Jetblue/Air China interline agreement, Boeing postpones 787 surge line

Air France and KLM to add international WiFi, Jetblue & Air China to form interline agreement, Boeing postpones 787 surge line until later this year

Air France-KLM-Delta: One phone number — not quite one airline

It's a story we have heard more than once. Air France and KLM are in the same alliance with Delta, but their computer systems and customer service systems don't seem to mesh well. Janice Hough reveals another problematic anecdote.

What we’re reading: Free entry at national parks, BA pilots almost passed out, AF-KLM buys Dreamliners

Free entry days at the national parks, British Airways pilots almost passed out, Air France-KLM reportedly buys Boeing Dreamliners

What we’re reading: New DOT rule violates free speech? Enroute plane u-turn because of cell phone, Bellagio completes renovation

Airlines say new pricing rule violates free speech, Air France plane makes u-turn enroute because of cell phone, Las Vegas Bellagio completes renovation