8 tips for sleeping well on long-distance night flights

Countless passengers never sleep while flying, even on long night flights. Unfortunately, by staying awake all night, whether through multiple time zones, or just one or two, fliers exacerbate their potential jet lag. Here are eight tips to help you sleep while flying.
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    Can fully automated self-serve passenger check-in systems make travel easier?

Can fully automated self-serve passenger check-in systems make travel easier?

Halifax Stanfield airport in Canada introduced the first fully automated airport-wide passenger and luggage check-in system in North America. Ned Levi explains how these systems work and discusses their potential for passengers.

5 rules for packing checked luggage defensively

Many air travelers think there’s nothing worse than having arrived at their destination airport, waiting at the baggage carousel while everyone else picks up their luggage, only to find their bag was lost, ripped or torn; or, when they open their baggage in their hotel, find broken or missing items.

Large numbers of non-members in TSA Precheck lines reveal TSA humbug

Unscreened, unvetted, members of the general air traveling public are regularly being shunted into the under utilized TSA Precheck lines at airport security checkpoints. Ned Levi discusses what this means about US airport security, and what issues it infers.
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An update: cellular service on planes, yea or nay

We've been reading a lot about the FCC possibly lifting their ban on inflight cellular services. Ned Levi has written about the prospect of lifting the ban in past columns. In this column Ned has an update about the FCC's position on the ban, and data from a recent survey released by the FAA concerning European inflight cellphone use.
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FAA finally permits gate-to-gate PED use, but continues the phone call ban; whew!

The FAA will now permit the use of portable electronic devices (PEDs) from gate to gate, but is continuing their ban on using them for phone calls while inflight. Ned Levi discusses the new rules for PED use in depth, and the continued ban on passengers using their PEDs to make phone calls while flying.
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Should the airlines eliminate seats that recline?

Some airline passengers take great exception to passengers in front of them, reclining their seat back, and are asking the airlines to eliminate seat recline. Sometimes, these passengers complain loudly while in flight and take other actions when they believe the passenger in front of them, has invaded their space. Ned Levi discusses the issues of airplane seat recline.
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Lessons learned about “ultra-cheap” airlines now charging for carry-ons

When Frontier Airlines announced they would begin charging for carry-on luggage this summer, Ned Levi's curiosity was piqued and he decided to look into flying the "ultra-cheap" airlines, Frontier and Spirit, and compare them to US Airways, the dominant airline at his home airport. Take a look at how the comparison worked out.

10 tips for retrieving your luggage at baggage claim

At some airports, theft of luggage from baggage claim areas is literally out of control. Ned Levi has his top 10 tips to help you to successfully retrieve your luggage at baggage claim and prevent thieves from ruining your journey.
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What you shouldn’t pack in your checked luggage when flying

Many have heard horror stories about delayed, lost, stolen, missing or damaged checked luggage. Unfortunately, too many travelers exacerbate their checked luggage loss by packing the wrong items in them. Ned Levi discusses what not to pack in your checked luggage. when flying, and why,
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