Will your driver’s license be accepted by TSA at the airport in 2016?

Beginning sometime in 2016, TSA is expected to require Real ID compliant driver’s licenses or other compliant IDs to board US domestic commercial flights, which many air travelers don’t possess. Ned Levi explores the problem and what to do if your state doesn’t comply.

15 carry-on essentials for air travel

Ned Levi has a list of his 15 essentials for you to pack in your carry-ons when you fly. He takes a look at everything he finds important from eye masks and wipes to a tablet and battery backups.

Debunking 6 air travel myths for new passengers

Later this month the northern hemisphere will usher in summer, heralded by the summer solstice. Of course, on that date, winter starts with the shortest day of the year in the southern hemisphere, but it will be summer up here and time for vacations. With the strength of the US dollar vs. the Euro, Europe […]

Feeling squeezed in your airplane’s economy seating?

More than ever, air travelers are complaining about feeling squeezed in economy class cabins, especially those who are six feet or taller. Compared to flying just a few years ago, most US domestic economy class passengers have a right to complain, as seats have shrunk along with their legroom. Much of the problem is due […]