Debunking 6 air travel myths for new passengers

Later this month the northern hemisphere will usher in summer, heralded by the summer solstice. Of course, on that date, winter starts with the shortest day of the year in the southern hemisphere, but it will be summer up here and time for vacations. With the strength of the US dollar vs. the Euro, Europe […]

Feeling squeezed in your airplane’s economy seating?

More than ever, air travelers are complaining about feeling squeezed in economy class cabins, especially those who are six feet or taller. Compared to flying just a few years ago, most US domestic economy class passengers have a right to complain, as seats have shrunk along with their legroom. Much of the problem is due […]

Sunday musings: Ban one-way streets, Tittygrams, airlines and refugees

Why one-way streets are bad for everyone but speeding cars A surprising study reveals that one-way streets are problematical for those who live on them. It’s also easier on a high-speed one-way road to keep an eye out for police or flee from the scene of a crime. At least, this is the pattern Gilderbloom, […]

Reviewing air travel security: FAA, passengers, TSA

Recently, there have been events through which we should evaluate air travel security, including TSA airport security. I’ve stated this before. Since 9/11, the two most important improvements in air travel security have been strengthened cockpit doors and passengers’ increased willingness to act to prevent terrorism on their flights. Neither of these security improvements are […]

Is maintenance failure endemic at Southwest Airlines?

Last week, Southwest Airlines grounded 128 Boeing 737s, about 19 percent of their entire fleet. The planes were grounded because Southwest, according to the required maintenance schedule, failed to inspect their backup hydraulic systems, used to control the planes’ rudders if the main systems fail. It should be noted that when Southwest discovered the maintenance […]

Severe air turbulence at 30,000 feet

If you’ve experienced it while flying, you know severe air turbulence can be frightening, jarring, jerky, and jolting, even for experienced air travelers. Turbulence can be extremely dangerous to both the flight crew and passengers alike. Just last month, American Airlines flight 280, flying from Seoul, South Korea, to Dallas-Fort Worth International, with 240 passengers […]

Planes versus high speed trains in the US

If you’ve flown recently in the economy section of US airlines, were you comfortable in your seat? Did you smile while paying to check your luggage? Did you enjoy the exercise you got holding your arms above your head in TSA’s full body scanners, or being treated like a criminal for having 3.5 ounces of […]

Infants on parents’ laps and other infant air travel safety issues

On a flight not that long ago, a family was sitting not far from me. The mother sat next to her son, who was about four or five years old, and the father had their infant daughter on his lap. I grimace when I see an infant flying in their parent’s lap. I’ve been on […]

Top 15 tips for surviving economy class travel on long distance flights

Travel isn’t easy and long distance flying in economy can be especially hard, as airlines shoe-horn in more seats and provide ever fewer services in the economy cabin. With smart planning, some useful products, and intelligent flying, it’s possible to mitigate the problems of long distance flying, even in economy seating, and arrive at your […]

10 annoying airplane passenger peeves

Last week I wrote about my top 10 annoying airport thoughtless passengers peeves, so I’d thought I’d follow up a discussion of my top 10 annoying airplane peeves, again by thoughtless passengers. We really don’t need air travelers on our flights who make the experience worse than it has to be, but they’re there. Here […]