What is the big deal about personalization of airfares?

What do you want? Airlines deciding on personalized airfares and fees based on your data? Or, you, making choices from a menu of options?

The truth about “transparent” airfares

Airlines are trying to change the law to allow them to advertise low teaser prices to entice customers into websites, then add more taxes and fees screen-by-screen before revealing the full price of travel. We expect that, but we don't expect Congress to go along.

What are our representatives thinking? Legalizing drip pricing is madness

The House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee passed what they mistakenly, or cynically, call the Airfares Transparency Act of 2014. These representatives listed below decided to strip consumer protections against misleading and deceptive pricing by airlines.
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Representatives who should know better drink airline “price transparency Kool-Aid”

Today, an anti-consumer bill about airline pricing was marked up by the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. Amazingly, the bill was introduces with bipartisan backing from some of the Democrats' supposedly top consumer-friendly legislators. The bipartisan cabal of representatives added a most Orwellian name to the bill, "The Airfare Transparency Act of 2014." This bill does nothing to help transparency. It only allows airlines to make understanding the full price of travel more difficult.
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Sunday musings: Wolves in Yellowstone, Not so trusted travelers, buying a low fare lock

This Sunday we ponder the effects of reintroducing wolves to Yellowstone and, I hope, realize the unintended consequences of many of our conservation actions. TSA learns that all trusted travelers are to be trusted. And, a new travel player allows passengers to pay to lock in low fares.

Weekend what we’re reading: 2013—Safest year, Sphere+Galileo=amazing photos, creeping airfares, DCA flight changes

This weekend, we look at safety in the airline industry, examine creeping airfares throughout the system and discover airline route changes that will come about because of the AA/US merger.
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What we’re reading: New Boeing interiors, Bidding for first class, Airfare increases

New Boeing interiors, Bidding for first class, Airfare increases

What we’re reading: Cheap ticket — cheap service? Most Asiana claims fall under Montreal Convention, factors in the SF crash

How much does a cheap ticket really cost? Courts will treat Asiana passengers differently, factors in the Asiana crash

Are you too desperate for an airfare deal?

What would you do for a cheap airfare?