Airlines expect our patience and understanding, where’s the reciprocity?

Airlines can have delay after delay and change in schedule after change in schedule. But, when passengers have to make changes (often because of an airline’s changes), they get slapped with hefty change fees and a change in airfare. It is not just. Airlines should bear some burden of their random schedule changes and cancellations.

Most airline fees are variable. Why not change fees?

Airlines are increasingly sophisticated with their fee structures. A “preferred” seat assignment fee varies from flight to flight, baggage charges are dependent on weight and/or time of payment), fuel surcharges vary from day to day. In fact, almost all fees are variable except the change fee on a domestic ticket. It would be reasonable and a good public relations move, to make the change fee variable too.

Exorbitant airline cancellation fees help spread disease

Janice Hough believes that current U.S. carriers’ policies towards changing tickets contribute to spreading colds, flu and other illnesses around the country. She suggests a common-sense solution to allow the really sick to postpone or cancel their flight reservations.

The airline change fees they are a changin’

With all the added fees for onboard services, baggage, unaccompanied minors and pets, it’s easy to lose sign of the cost to change a reservation. And while the airlines announce fare sales and mergers and new routes with much fanfare, they don’t do the same when they increase their change fees. Which means that for travelers not paying attention, the costs can really add up.