Are seat surcharges contributing to flight delays?

Preferred seat surcharges are a big moneymaker for airlines. At times, these charges are actually as much, or more, than the fare itself. This clearly helps with profits. While not a scientific study, more and more I’m seeing and hearing from clients that these fees have an unintended consequence — delayed flights. Basically, with an […]

How long is too long? Is it time to regulate airline baggage delivery?

For most travelers, with most carriers, the days of free checked baggage are long gone. But, while the traveling public seems to have accepted baggage fees, one would think that along with the fees at least some level of service would become standard. Alas, for now, one would be wrong. Alaska Airlines does stand out […]

Planning a stopover on a European trip? Many airline surcharges just jumped 500 percent

Airlines like to pretend they aren’t cartels and monopolies. Then, they change fares and surcharges, almost in unison. The unannounced latest change for Europe fares might be one of the worst I’ve seen, raising the stopover fee from $100 to $500. Stopover fees can be maddening in general to travelers. These fees drive travel agents […]

Cheap, cheaper and cheapest with no data — fliers’ road to perdition

Ben Baldanza, the CEO of Spirit Airlines, delivered the keynote speech at the ABA Air and Space Law Forum in Montreal. He is the king of ultra-low-cost airlines who is proving the point that airline passengers will put up with all sorts of discomfort with the aim of saving money. Passengers don’t enjoy discomfort. However, it […]