8 great airline lounge perks

My return flight from San Francisco included a red-eye flight followed by a three-hour layover before another two-hour connecting flight. I did not sleep as well as I expected on the red-eye flight and I was a walking zombie at the interim airport (MSP). Lucky for me, I had a complimentary airline lounge pass. Several months earlier, I traded […]

The widening gulf between first and worst on airlines

Airlines are going out of their way to separate their top customers from the rabble that fills the back of their planes. In the old days, first-class passengers got bigger seats, full meals, free drinks and early boarding. They still do. But, now with new perks the differences are staggering.

Tips for surviving a red-eye, with or without sleep

A previous post on Tripso by Chris Elliott talked about sleeping on planes. Here are some tips to survive if you can’t. Even the best-laid plans can fall victim to a loud seatmate, crying baby, bumpy flight etc.