Consumers say "No" to increases in government fees and taxes on air travel

This is a letter that was sent to all members of the Senate Commerce Committee and the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee regarding calls to increase fees on airline passengers. Let Congress clearly hear, “We don’t want any increases in airport, agriculture inspection or customs and immigration fees.” TO: Members of the Senate Commerce Committee […]

Senate rattles the airlines’ personal airfares and privacy plans

Last week a group of senators, after conferring with the Senate Commerce Committee, decided to speak out about personalization of airfares and privacy issues. Fairness, privacy, common carrier and basic deception issues are involved with plans for personalized pricing by the airlines. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has created an entire information technology structure […]

What do airline consumers complain about most?

During the past couple of weeks, two reports about the state of the airline industry and its consumer satisfaction were released. One showed airline statistics regarding consumer issues dropping. The other purported to show airlines’ consumer satisfaction rising. What the heck? The first was the national Airline Quality Rating (AQR). It is the premier statistical […]

Are airlines about to charge your kids more?

If your blood pressure spikes when you think about the words “kids” and “plane” in the same sentence, as you just did (sorry about that), then this story may have a calming effect. True, there’s no faster way to start a brawl on a flight or an online chat room than by putting the two […]

Craziest hotel guest requests, Apple Watch airline apps, airlines’ busiest spring

Unicorns, camels and hangovers: Wackiest hotel guest requests When it comes to requests that concierges gets from their hotel guests, there are some wacky ones out there. Life-size statue replicas in chocolate Michael Romei, chief concierge of the Towers of the Waldorf Astoria New York, has seen various paranormal concierge requests during his tenure of […]

Do we need to pay more taxes to support airports? I don’t think so.

The FAA reauthorization bill is coming up for a vote in about 200 days. Between now and then, there are a lot of issues that will be considered and that will impact airline passengers, airlines and airports significantly for the next half-decade. The bill includes everything from reform of the air traffic control system to […]

What we’re watching: Bastard Airlines, National Park love, 22-mile walkable Atlanta corridor

Total Bastard Airlines Some things never change. Sometimes they get worse. These flight attendants didn’t have to deal with super-squeezed seating, 85+-percent load factors, no food, paying for reservations for families and other slashes in customer service. Saying, “I do” in our national parks The National Park Service (NPS) put together this charming video about […]

8 Ways to Avoid Baggage Fees

Airlines made record profits in 2014  and baggage and other non-flight fees are the primary reason. It is an amazing paradigm shift for stockholders and bean counters—but not so much for consumer travelers. Many travel consumers are incredibly frustrated when ticket prices essentially double after baggage (and other) fees are charged. Here are 8 great ways […]