13 reasons for airlines to celebrate Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, airline executives should be giving lots of thanks. More profits, more ancillary fees, fewer delays, full planes, low jet fuel costs, and almost no competition are all worth a prayer of thanks.

Is there a cure for the upselling epidemic?

Upselling — Airlines do it by quietly restricting the terms on their tickets. Cruise lines resort to good old-fashioned salesmanship. And the entire travel industry does it better, thanks to sophisticated software.

Airline non-service, turning fear into cash, travel superlatives

Public officials, just remember the airlines are always worse This story would be funny (and I hope it was written, to some extent, tongue in cheek), if it weren’t true. The story, published in a government-affairs publication, ends with a discussion about the current presidential campaign. The author notes that no citizen who flies expects […]

Bizarre reasons your flight is delayed

Leo Tolstoy famously wrote, “All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” Similarly, one might say that all on-time flights are alike; every delayed flight is delayed in its own way. Anyone who travels even semi-regularly has at least one bizarre story to tell. Sometimes the stories even make […]

Chicago architecture, Premium economy primer, Air traffic controllers and sleep

18 hotels to stay at during the Chicago Architecture Biennial Chicago will be celebrating the state of architecture from October 3, 2015, through January 3, 2016. The city known for its amazing buildings, parks, public art and design will be the venue of this first ever Chicago Architecture Biennial. The Chicago Architecture Biennial will bring […]

Trains across the USA, hotels for solos, airline service to Cuba

Across the USA by train for just $213 This travelogue about a train trip from San Francisco (actually Emeryville) to New York shows how affordable and fascinating train travel can be across the US. The train crosses the Sierra Nevada Mountains, then the Rockies. It rolls across the flatlands that dominate the center of the […]

Ownership-level airline collusion, hotels of the future, San Francisco + cars + pedestrians

U.S. looks at airline investors for evidence of fare collusion About a year ago, Travelers United raised this issue of airline collusion at the investor level with the Department of Justice (DOJ). It seemed to be another level of monopoly control. Studies had shown that airline stockholders were overly concentrated at the ownership/investor level and […]