What we’re reading: New Boeing interiors, Bidding for first class, Airfare increases

New Boeing interiors, Bidding for first class, Airfare increases

Sunday musings: Competing cell phone fates, hotels unbundling room rates, rental car collision damage

From planes to hotels to rental cars, here are issues that have different facets. Is using a cell phone on flights heaven or hell? How much can hotels deduct from their room rates in their drive toward a la carte prices? When do you need rental-car collision damage waiver?
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What we’re watching: Finnair mid-air dance, crosswind landings, Mardi Gras in Galveston

This weekend we look at videos that were posted last month and have gone viral to the tune of more than two million viewings. Finnair flight attendants dance at 30,000 feet and pilots land planes under gusty crosswind conditions at Dusseldorf Airport. Finally, we show a video promo of Galveston at Mardi Gras; who knew?
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What we’re watching: TSA helps you make your flight, prohibition in Napa, kids ‘n’ planes

This little ditty written in appreciation of the job that TSA does every day for us is a catchy tune. We follow up with a short video about Prohibition in Napa Valley. (It seems appropriate since the most recent Ken Burns documentary on PBS about prohibition was just released.) And finally, apple-juice-powered flight?
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Futuristic airliner ideas for 2025 funded by NASA

NASA recently awarded airplane manufacturers multi-million dollar grants to study the airplane of the future. Leaving the argument about whether this is the proper use of taxpayer money to fund development for major U.S. corporations, the results are interesting.
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Should airlines create a new “Family Class” section?

When my daughter Samantha was 18 months old, we made the mistake of flying from Albany, New York, to Las Vegas — nonstop. It was like traveling with a chimpanzee. Contained in a metal tube for six hours with no understanding of her personal space, or anyone else’s, she wanted to run up and down the aisle and screamed when we tried to distract her with all the toys we had lugged on board.
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Why is volcanic ash so dangerous to aircraft?

Here is a primer on why volcanic ash is so dangerous, the international system that monitors the ash and stories of planes that didn't heed ash warnings or were taken by surprise before the world began ash monitoring.
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Not an April Fool’s joke – Ryanair moving ahead with pay toilets

Spirit Airlines really is charging for carry-ons starting August first, and according to the London Daily Mail Ryanair is going ahead with their plan to charge for on-board toilets.
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More ways to be thrown off a plane than Carter has pills

Ned Levi reviews many of the reasons airplane passengers are being kicked off their flights from praying to being drunk, from being a large person to breast feeding. Ned examines which ones might be valid and which not.
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What we’re reading: Airlines still need aircraft, which airline will go bankrupt, Boeing is booming

Despite the fact that airlines are losing money, they still need planes to ferry passengers from point A to point B.