United Airlines CEO resigns, Personal space on planes, self-driving cars subject to hacking

United CEO Jeff Smisek resigns amid federal probe Smisek has resigned in disgrace and in the midst of a federal grand jury corruption probe. But, he won’t suffer unless he goes to jail. His severance package is worth millions, together with free air travel for life. In the airline industry, even the worst, law-breaking, resigning-under-pressure-of-investigation […]

19 travel-worthy events, luxury river cruising in 2015, make planes disappearance-proof

19 events worth traveling for in 2015 Still wondering where to go in 2015? Check out this guide for some suggestions. Here are some samples. Elvis’ 80th birthday celebrations Dates: January 7-10 Where: Graceland, Tennessee Big Elvis Presley fan? There’s no better time to head to Graceland to celebrate what would have been the King’s […]

10 annoying airplane passenger peeves

Last week I wrote about my top 10 annoying airport thoughtless passengers peeves, so I’d thought I’d follow up a discussion of my top 10 annoying airplane peeves, again by thoughtless passengers. We really don’t need air travelers on our flights who make the experience worse than it has to be, but they’re there. Here […]

Futuristic airliner ideas for 2025 funded by NASA

NASA recently awarded airplane manufacturers multi-million dollar grants to study the airplane of the future. Leaving the argument about whether this is the proper use of taxpayer money to fund development for major U.S. corporations, the results are interesting.

Should airlines create a new “Family Class” section?

When my daughter Samantha was 18 months old, we made the mistake of flying from Albany, New York, to Las Vegas — nonstop. It was like traveling with a chimpanzee. Contained in a metal tube for six hours with no understanding of her personal space, or anyone else’s, she wanted to run up and down the aisle and screamed when we tried to distract her with all the toys we had lugged on board.

Why is volcanic ash so dangerous to aircraft?

Here is a primer on why volcanic ash is so dangerous, the international system that monitors the ash and stories of planes that didn’t heed ash warnings or were taken by surprise before the world began ash monitoring.