Stop dressing police and TSA like storm troopers

The closest that most Americans come to feeling the oppression of police is at TSA airport checkpoints. No one enjoys the experience.

TSA’s improved Pre✓ lays bare serious TSA security flaws

Last week Ned Levi discussed the improvements to TSA's Pre✓ program, in which he participates, the new application system to become a Pre✓ member, how to apply, and how the program benefits travelers. This week he continues the discussion of Pre✓, its additional extensive improvement needs, and how it lays bare serious TSA security flaws.
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What we’re reading: Airport security spending, Vegas buffets, faster airline boarding?

Are airports spending too much on security? Vegas buffets for every budget, is faster airline boarding possible?

French airport security at Charles De Gaulle: incompetent, unprofessional, irrational

Ned Levi reports on the serious problems of airport security in Paris' Charles De Gaulle Airport, Discussed are the difficulties of CDG Terminal 1's security location, problems with their equipment, and serious problems with with their procedures and methodology.
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Ned’s top 15 non-TSA air travel peeves

Air travel is hard enough, especially with the problems encountered at TSA airport security, that no air traveler needs the additional problems when flying caused by fellow passengers. Ned Levi discusses his top 15 non-TSA air travel pet peeves.
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Pocket knives, golf clubs, hockey sticks and TSA: Another viewpoint

TSA has proposed permitting air travelers to bring pocket knives, hockey sticks, lacrosse sticks, ski poles and other previously banned items into aircraft cabins. Aviation and law enforcement officials, and members of the flying public are loudly complaining almost solely about pocket knives. Ned Levi examines potential problems with the new policy which few are discussing.
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United Airlines at EZE: Is this any way to run an airline and an airport?

Ned Levi tells his story of a United Airlines flight leaving Ministro Pistarini International Airport (EZE), in Buenos Aires, Argentina, for the US, and the trouble encountered at check-in, security, and gate rescreening. It's a story of absurdity, surreal circumstances, crazy security, and airline officials gone mad.
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Ned’s TSA holiday tips: at the airport

Last week Ned Levi discussed tips for actions you can take at home to assist you in getting through TSA security in the airport. This week Ned discusses what to do to get through TSA security with as little angst and hassle as possible once you're at the airport.
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Ned’s TSA holiday tips: before leaving for the airport

During the holiday season, many who rarely travel take to the air to travel to be with family, and families take the chance to vacation while their children are on their winter holiday break from school. This week, Ned Levi has tips on what to do at home before going to the airport to get through TSA airport security during the busy holiday travel period.
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Weekend what we’re reading: Beating flight delays, speedy security lines, shoe bomb detector

This weekend we take a look at dealing with growing flight delays, moving through security faster (for a price) and work being done to detect shoe bombs and liquid bombs.
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