Sunday musings: Franklin’s America, artificial dog-nose research, dog B&Bs

This Sunday after Thanksgiving, Ben Franklin's vision of America finds its way to these pages. The search for an artificial dog nose continues and a doggy version of AirBnB is thrown a $6 million bone.
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30 worst cities for traffic in America

Which American city has the worst traffic? If you said New York or Los Angeles, guess again. A new survey by TomTom, which is based on the traffic data of millions of GPS users, finds Seattle has the highest percentage of congested roadways.

America’s worst hotel is …

Too close to call. A review of several "worst of" lists suggests there's a high concentration of awful hotels in the New York area, with one or two standouts outside of Gotham. The bad properties are also likely to be owned by one chain.

European visitors flock to U.S. on dollar woes

A weak U.S. dollar helped boost European trips to America, where tourists were able to stretch their money further, reports USA Today.
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