The irrational logic of airline fuel surcharges

Fuel surcharges aren’t subject to corporate discounts, travel agency commissions or government oversight. When oil prices go down and stay down, the profits keep piling into airline coffers.

Charged twice for her flight — should I get involved?

Andrea Mitnick just wanted to book an airline ticket from Charlotte to Philadelphia, nothing more. She thought her first reservation, made from a hotel and a wi-fi with dial-up speed, had failed. “I never received any sort of confirmation that anything had gone through,” she remembers.

Delta pilots reject contract, US Airways name will be gone in October, fly with marijuana in Oregon

Delta pilots reject tentative contract Delta pilots have rejected a tentative contract agreement. This puts the deal and the airline adding aircraft to their fleet in jeopardy. Nearly 7,000, or 65 percent, of voting pilots rejected the contract, according to Delta’s Master Executive Council, part of the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA). Around 97 percent […]

Flights disrupted in Toronto, AA discontinues first class to London, lessons learned from UPS 1354

Dispute disrupts flights at Toronto Airport A disruption by personnel that fueled airplanes caused delays at Toronto Pearson airport just as the Pan American games are scheduled to start on July 10. By 1:20 pm, [the airport’s] website showed 45 canceled departures and more than 70 delays affecting a range of airlines. It was not […]

Tell AA and DOT you want a ticket and complete notice of airfare when you fly

Without a ticket, and the information contained on it, a traveler has no way of knowing which provisions of the tariff apply, and thus cannot enforce those terms against the airline. And the airline, of course, has no reason to tell the traveler about information on the ticket that might benefit the traveler in a dispute with the airline.