Delta Airline’s trifecta of anti-consumer behavior

Delta is attempting to thwart competition, stop comparison shopping and confuse consumers. These actions must come from the highest levels of the airline. And, except for the refusal to disclose ancillary fees during the booking process, these anti-consumer actions are unprecedented in the airline world. Delta Air Lines is battling full disclosure of ancillary fees […]

To airlines — In 2015, let competition thrive

The airline industry is doing everything it can to limit competition. It has refused to disclose ancillary fees to travel agents and the public during the act of purchasing a ticket, making comparison shopping impossible. Delta Air Lines is restricting the distribution of its airfares. And, the U.S. airlines are attempting to stop new international […]

In 2015 tell consumers the whole truth about travel costs

There are a lot of lists of wishes for the coming year that are published at New Year’s. It seems everyone wants something or wants to change something. The turn of the calendar is used as a marker for change. But, Travelers United is not changing its wish list. Truth in advertising and making prices […]

What?! No Christmas gifts from my airline?

It’s the day after Christmas and as I surveyed the splay of Christmas wrapping, boxes, ribbons, bows, unwrapped socks and shirts, puzzles and gifted bottles of wine under the tree, I knew I had a lot for which to be thankful. But, there were no gifts from airlines this Christmas; I would have appreciated one […]

Airlines give thanks. Average passengers? Not so much. Part 2

Part 1 of this Thanksgiving post explored the new world of minimal competition for airlines. Domestically, four airlines control 87 percent of the market. Internationally, three airline alliances control more than 80 percent of the market. And, airlines are engaging in open capacity discipline — keeping the number of flights and seats low, so as […]

The right way to do ancillary fees — empower the passenger

Maybe I don’t fly transcontinental enough, maybe this is a new offering, but, in any case, I like the way that USAirways offered me the opportunity to purchase a meal for my upcoming trip from Boston to San Diego. My flight goes from Boston to Charlotte around noon, and then connects to the long flight […]

Tell us how much it costs! Passenger poll shows frustration with airline fee disclosure

In a poll conducted by Travelers United in response to requests from the Department of Transportation (DOT) Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) more than 2,600 consumers dramatically responded loud and clear, “Tell us how much it costs!” The poll was distributed to this blog; sent to be distributed to readers of other travel blogs like […]

Do airline passengers have a "right" to compare prices?

In conversations with airline lobbyists and others associated with the airline industry, the question about whether or not there is a “right” to be able to compare prices prior to purchasing airline tickets often comes up. Airline folk claim that this is not a basic right, but should be subject to marketplace forces. However, consumers […]

The airline ancillary fee battle goes to DOT

Airlines have abandoned passenger service. The continued consolidation of the industry has served to make airlines even less inclined to focus on passenger service and to concentrate only on profits. In the past, service and price went hand in hand. Today, for the back-of-the-plane passengers, service and price transparency, including ancillary fees, have been forgotten. […]