Once consumer-friendly rules have turned anti-consumer

Code-sharing and international airline alliances are no longer working for consumers. Once upon a time, when the airlines were struggling and there were more than a dozen airlines, these actions seemed somewhat reasonable. Today, they have turned anti-competitive.

Last gasp against American Airlines/US Airways merger

Today is the final filing day for those in opposition to the American Airlines/US Airways (AA/US) merger. The merger rules and regulations allow objectors to the settlement to file comments that must be addressed by the Department of Justice (DOJ) prior to the final approval of the merger. A collection of consumer groups, including the Consumer Travel Alliance, will be making such filings today.

BA and Iberia agree to merger. Is this good for international travelers?

Perhaps even more important that the merger agreements being considered here in the U.S.A., mergers in Europe are changing the landscape of international travel. This consolidation was just punctuated by the BA/Iberia agreement last week. During the past year or so, Lufthansa’s purchased Swiss, Austrian, Brussels and bmi. And before that, Air France and KLM created a jointly run airline.