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    Virgin Atlantic to trial iBeacon, Las Vegas welcomes Edelweiss Air, travelers’ choice favorites

Virgin Atlantic to trial iBeacon, Las Vegas welcomes Edelweiss Air, travelers’ choice favorites

Virgin Atlantic to trial iBeacon, Las Vegas welcomes Edelweiss Air, traveler's choice favorites

Ned’s top smartphone general travel apps

Ned Levi has tested thousands of travel apps for both Android and iOS based smartphones. Here's a list of his current top general travel apps for smartphones.
By |August 12th, 2013|Columns|3 Comments|

How business travelers can dump their laptops for an iPad

Many business travelers are using iPads for entertainment, touring, and some communication when away from home. Many are now trying to decide if they can leave their business laptops at home while traveling and instead use their iPads for work. Ned Levi examines whether or not that's possible for business travelers, and what hardware and software they might need to accomplish the transition.
By |February 11th, 2013|Columns|5 Comments|

How’s the iPhone 5 for travelers?

Ned Levi has been evaluating Apple's new iPhone 5 for a short time now, and has a first look review for you. Ned discusses important issues of the phone for travelers including, screen size, phone size, LTE, simultaneous use of voice and data, battery life, GPS usability, the new lightning connector, mapping apps and other issues.
By |October 1st, 2012|Columns|5 Comments|

6 tablet benefits (and 4 shortcomings) for travelers vis-à-vis laptops

With tablet mobile devices being used more and more by travelers, Ned Levi examines whether or not they can replace the laptop computer as the primary computing device for travelers, or if for some travelers, the transition to a tablet will have to wait.
By |August 27th, 2012|Columns|8 Comments|

Do you trust GPS directions?

We’d entrusted our route to the Google Maps app on my iPhone; it had never steered us wrong. The program assured me that yes, the winding road between Santa Maria and Interstate 5 was the fastest, most direct route to our destination. It even showed me the gas stations along the way: a Texaco, an Exxon and a Chevron. Wrong on all counts.

6 lessons learned from losing my iPhone

Recently, I lost my iPhone. I had it with me going through security at DCA and after boarding the plane, I discovered it was gone. The hair stood up on the back of my neck!

Should travelers add the Verizon iPhone to their potential cellphone choices?

Ned Levi takes a look at the new Verizon iPhone 4 which will be available next month, and analyzes its strengths and weaknesses from a travelers point of view, which can help potential Verizon customers for the phone who travel decide whether or not it's a good deal for them.
By |January 17th, 2011|Columns|0 Comments|

Is the iPad a road warrior’s dream come true?

As a tech consultant, Ned Levi works with hi-tech devices every day. Ned reviews the new Apple iPad from the point of view of the business traveler to see how it measures up to their needs.
By |February 1st, 2010|Columns|1 Comment|

A quest for an international travel capable smartphone

In his quest to find a an international travel capable smartphone, Ned explains his criteria, and how he made his smartphone purchase decision.
By |August 10th, 2009|Columns|28 Comments|