Ned’s Top 10 smartphone travel apps

I’ve tested thousands of travel apps, some of which I’ve purchased myself, including general travel apps and specific ones for airlines, trains, rental cars, etc., as well as for cities, countries and travel destinations such as national parks and historic sights. Please find my top ten favorite general travel apps below, all of which I […]

Unwanted cruise fees, JAL/AA codeshare, mobile apps for hotels

Crazy cruise fees that should be thrown overboard With cruise lines starting to charge more and more fees, it’s refreshing to see that Royal Caribbean dropped one of its fees: A corkage fee for wine brought onboard and consumed at its restaurants. Here are some fees that should also be dropped. WiFi access: $0.75 per […]

Ned’s top smartphone general travel apps

Ned Levi has tested thousands of travel apps for both Android and iOS based smartphones. Here’s a list of his current top general travel apps for smartphones.

Safely post your vacation photos while you’re away, especially of your children

Posting your vacation photos online via social media sites, or online galleries while you’re traveling can have serious unintended consequences. Ned Levi discusses the problems of privacy when posting vacation photos online, the consequences which can result from the postings, and what you can do to prevent those consequences.

How business travelers can dump their laptops for an iPad

Many business travelers are using iPads for entertainment, touring, and some communication when away from home. Many are now trying to decide if they can leave their business laptops at home while traveling and instead use their iPads for work. Ned Levi examines whether or not that’s possible for business travelers, and what hardware and software they might need to accomplish the transition.

Keep a cell phone operating during a power outage while traveling

Over the last several years in the US, major power outages have occurred due to serious weather activity affecting residents and travelers alike. In many cases, cell phones became “life-lines” for travelers needing rescue and medical assistance during the power outages despite some cellular service interruption, but only if the traveler’s cell phone had a charged battery. Ned Levi discusses methods you can use to keep you phone charged while traveling during a power outage.

6 tips to protect lost-smartphone data

Do you carry a smartphone when you travel? Are you one of the countless travelers who has lost their smartphone while away from home. It happened to Ned Levi when traveling in Egypt last year. Ned has some startling statistics about lost smartphones, and six suggestions to protect your personal and business information on it, in case it’s lost or stolen.