What we’re reading: Westjet converts to metric time, best Caribbean all-inclusive resorts, court rules for airline in FF dispute

[youtube][/youtube] WestJet converts to metric time One thing that WestJet likes to do is put out an April Fools video every April 1. This year was no exception. In this latest installment, WestJet decides to get rid of AM and PM time in favor of metric time for their flight schedules.

Funny business in the sky

James WysongApril Fools’ Day has arrived, giving James Wysong the opportunity to write about a topic that is near and dear to his heart: practical jokes. It seems his friends on the flight crew are all accomplished pranksters and for them the sky’s the limit. James gives you his 10 favorite in-flight shenanigans.

Ship of fools

Anita Dunham-PotterCrazy about Elvis? Looking for a Star Trek fix? Want to shimmy bare-naked under the stars? Believe it or not, you can indulge these passions — and a host of others — on a cruise vacation. In honor of April Fools’ Day, Anita Dunham-Potter gives you four of the craziest theme cruises to hit the high seas.