What we’re reading: AA/US team members meet Congress, FAA furloughs, new terminal opens at LAX

AA/US team members meet with Congress, FAA may furlough controllers, new Tom Bradley terminal opens at LAX
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Shame on the FAA for cutting budget corners on safety

Sequester cuts are hitting the FAA air traffic control system. While Congress has asked for a list of non-operational areas that could be cut, the FAA demurred and announced cuts that seem to have been designed to generate maximum public pain.
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What we’re reading: Holiday flash mob, Virgin America/Singapore codeshare, UA 787s grounded, ATC union layoffs? Kittyhawk

Virgin America launches codeshare with Singapore, United sidelines second 787, ATC union warns of layoffs, Westjet's Christmas flash mob
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What we’re reading: Sequestration FAA cuts, AA’s FAs accept contract, what your luggage says about you

Sequestration FAA cuts, American Airlines' FAs accept contract, what your luggage says about you

What we’re reading: Testing the 787’s entertainment sytem, ATC errors in Philadelphia, possible Air Canada strike

Pushing the 787's entertainment sytem, ATC errors increasing in Philadelphia, union may strike against Air Canada
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What we’re reading: Cities try to keep Delta service, record ATC errors set, toilet praise?

Cities try to keep Delta service, ATC errors set record, praise for toilet

What we’re reading: Blizzard havoc, problems in ATC update, AirAsia may buy Virgin Atlantic

Blizzard causes travel havoc, how to rebook, AirAsia boss may buy Virgin Atlantic

Forget about climate change, let’s get to work changing the air-traffic system

I just saw another article about a new “attempt at passing a climate change bill in the Senate.” With the underpinnings of climate change in doubt, resignations of UN environmental bigwigs, flat temperatures over the past 15 years and the discovery that glaciers covering the Hymalayas are not likely to disappear in a decade, I think that this is a bill that can wait.

Climate change legislation is something that it seems no one can agree on. Even those for and against the issue don’t agree within their camps. But, I can name one issue in Washington where everyone involved agrees — the need to modernize our air traffic control system. Let’s get it done.

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Government getting ready to give airlines millions for avionics

Here in Washington, a steady drip of commentary about the air traffic control system and airline avionics is making it obvious that the government is making plans to pay for the upgrade needed by the airlines to access the next generation of air traffic control.

While much of the ground-based system can handle advanced controlling and allow smaller aircraft separation, most of the airlines have been dragging their collective feet waiting for final specifications before investing in new avionics.

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What we’re reading: United retires last 737, Continental joins Star Alliance, need for NextGen air traffic control

United will retire the last of its 737 on Wednesday. It will make its last landing at San Francisco International Airport.