What we’re reading: Orlando to offer first automated passport control, Aussie slang 101, improved cellphone service at Disney

Orlando to offer first APC kiosks, Aussie slang 101, improved cellphone service at Disney

What we’re reading: Costa Concordia captain says he’s innocent, Thanskgiving down under, world’s largest plane billboard

Costa Concordia captain says he's innocent, Thanskgiving down under, world's largest plane billboard
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What we’re watching: 2012 New Year’s videos from Sydney, Hong Kong, Kiev and outer space

Fireworks light up the Sydney Harbor Bridge, which I once climbed. They sparkle over the main square of Kiev where as a teenager I partied under watchful Soviet eyes. Finally, Antoine de Luna, creates a vision of the new year with pictures of cities across the world from outer space which I dream of visiting.
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What we’re reading: Ash cloud disrupts flights, certain biofuel approved, BA offers first class to Vegas

Chilean ash cloud disrupts flights from Australia to Argentina, certain biofuel approved for jet aircraft, BA offers first class service to Vegas

How to get drunk around the world: 5 countries and their drinking rules

Tell someone you travel in order to taste new foods and you’re congratulated on your willingness to embrace other cultures. Tell someone you travel for booze and you’ll invariably be met with raised eyebrows and a look that suggests what a sad life you lead.
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3 travel trends for 2011 from Orbitz

When looking into a crystal ball, it helps to have data from hundreds of thousands of users to see trends in the market. Orbitz may not have a crystal ball but does have in-house industry experts who sift through millions of bytes of data that have helped determine three travel trend predictions for 2011.
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What we’re reading: Tsunami after quake in Chile? flight attendant fight, watching passengers

Possible Tsunami after quake in Chile, flight attendant fight leads to canceled flight, new camera alarms to improve watching passengers
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A sincere apology to the sadomasochistic sharks who practice bondage

Now there’s a headline I never thought I’d write.

In one short week, it seems I’ve offended sadomasochists and great white sharks with my commentary. I feel an apology is in order.

Let’s start with the S&M practitioners. In a post about the recent problems of the TSA in Orlando, I made an offhanded reference to the those who derive pleasure from pain.

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Sleeping pills for a flight? Don’t take them too early

One of my co-worker's clients actually had an upgraded business class seat booked directly with United, but he nonetheless decided to take a sleeping pill to help him make it through the flight. The pill worked too early and too well and he slept through boarding.
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How many babies can a plane carry? Qantas has a quota

For many travelers, too many babies on a plane can be one. If that one is crying and sitting anywhere near you.
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