3 travel trends for 2011 from Orbitz

When looking into a crystal ball, it helps to have data from hundreds of thousands of users to see trends in the market. Orbitz may not have a crystal ball but does have in-house industry experts who sift through millions of bytes of data that have helped determine three travel trend predictions for 2011.

A sincere apology to the sadomasochistic sharks who practice bondage

Now there’s a headline I never thought I’d write. In one short week, it seems I’ve offended sadomasochists and great white sharks with my commentary. I feel an apology is in order. Let’s start with the S&M practitioners. In a post about the recent problems of the TSA in Orlando, I made an offhanded reference […]

Sleeping pills for a flight? Don’t take them too early

One of my co-worker’s clients actually had an upgraded business class seat booked directly with United, but he nonetheless decided to take a sleeping pill to help him make it through the flight. The pill worked too early and too well and he slept through boarding.