New airline kid-seat rules, personal data loss, Disney’s surge pricing

With FAA’s new kid seat safety rule, will kids fly safer? After years of debate and another six months allowed for implementation, the FAA has succeeded in producing a new rule that will not protect children. It doesn’t require enforcement. It doesn’t apply to airlines without websites. But it does require airlines to tell passengers […]

What the end of Windows XP support means for travelers using it on their computers

Does your computer run on Microsoft Windows XP? If it does, you’re not alone. As of the end of last month, NetMarketShare reported almost 30 percent of computers world-wide are still running Microsoft Windows XP, more than three times the total number of Apple computers running all versions of OSX. As of April 8th, Microsoft […]

10 must-know laptop computer security tips for travelers

With laptops being stolen at the rate of almost one per minute, and more than 12,000 laptops going lost or missing at US airports each week, Ned Levi has updated his recommendations for securing your laptop while traveling, preventing its theft, but in case of theft, ensuring, to the extent possible, the integrity of your data and the personal and business information located on your laptop.