Senate Commerce Committee staff reports airline fees need transparency and more

Since 2008, when American Airlines led the charge towards ancillary fees with the introduction of the first checked bag fees, consumer advocates have been working to get the airlines to fully disclose these growing fees at the same time that they disclose the airfares. Travelers United has been one of the leading consumer groups fighting […]

8 Ways to Avoid Baggage Fees

Airlines made record profits in 2014  and baggage and other non-flight fees are the primary reason. It is an amazing paradigm shift for stockholders and bean counters—but not so much for consumer travelers. Many travel consumers are incredibly frustrated when ticket prices essentially double after baggage (and other) fees are charged. Here are 8 great ways […]

You can connect, but your bags can’t — UA and AA’s latest service cut

No one doubts that when possible, it’s best to have an entire connecting trip on one ticket. On the other hand, sometimes that just isn’t possible. Or, it’s a lot more expensive. For examples, anyone using a free ticket with mileage and then connecting on needs to have two tickets. And, while within the U.S, […]

How long is too long? Is it time to regulate airline baggage delivery?

For most travelers, with most carriers, the days of free checked baggage are long gone. But, while the traveling public seems to have accepted baggage fees, one would think that along with the fees at least some level of service would become standard. Alas, for now, one would be wrong. Alaska Airlines does stand out […]

$4 billion in annual baggage fees, mobile boarding pass problems, AA FAs may get original deal

Airline baggage fees bring in nearly $1B in three months, ticket sales still top revenue-maker Out of all of the ancillary fees the airlines charge, the baggage fees may be the most lucrative. The Department of Transportation’s latest new data regarding airline revenue and expenditures found the 27 U.S. airlines took in nearly $960 million […]

JetBlue’s CEO to step down, Canadians pay for 1st checked bag, rental car companies screw customers on tolls

We get to muse about losing one of a consumer’s best friends in the airlines, commiserate with the Canadians at their loss of first bag flies free domestically (welcome to the club) and take a look at rental car companies and our metropolitan authorities screwing customers. Somewhere in here is a silver lining. I just […]

After more than 1,000 days, Passenger Protection 3 is released for comments

That headline may not mean much to travelers, but it is momentous and will eventually change the way airline tickets are sold, how on-time arrivals and lost luggage are reported and how online travel agents interact with their customers. I will follow up with specifics about this proposed rulemaking in the coming weeks. Plus, comments […]