Riding the Rocky Mountaineer through the Canadian Rockies

A rail excursion through the mountains of Western Canada aboard the Rocky Mountaineer has long been on my list of to-do train rides. And this morning, here I am: in Vancouver watching a quarter-mile-long train in stunning blue and gold livery ease to a gentle stop at the platform right in front of me.

A few days of play in Banff National Park, Canada

The town of Banff is the center of excursions through the Banff National Park. The chachka-lined main street is oriented for a perfect view of the mountains towering over the town. Some of Canada’s top chefs have made this town their home, which has brought Banff’s culinary standards to the top of Canada’s food chain.

Haunted ski resorts

At first ponder, ski and snowboard resorts seem strange places to find ghosts. But when you consider that many of our winter snow resorts are built in areas that once had wild and sometimes grisly histories, then the occasional appearance of an unsettled soul is perhaps not so surprising. Charlie Leocha spins some tales for Halloween.

What we’re watching: Morse code or text messaging? Live free or die, Jules in Alberta, Johnny Jet on an elephant

This collection of videos peripherally deals with travel. The first video of an old Jay Leno show I found fascinating since I am an avid text messaging man, especially when funds are low and cell phone roaming charges are high. The second video is a comedy routine about New Hampshire. Not enough people visit my home state. We need more tourists and can always use the money from selling a bottle or two of booze. Jules Older returned from the International Ski Journalist Club meeting in Alberta, Canada, with this video. The visuals are spectacular. Don’t worry the people in the video probably won’t be there to harass you if you visit. Finally, Johnny Jet does Thailand, well part of it. Johnny’s video came in only minutes ago via facebook.

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Ghost towns and glaciers of the Canadian Rockies

Tim LeffelThe mountainous regions of British Colombia and Alberta in Canada are places where the journey truly is as exciting as the destination. Winding through the snowy mountains in a train or cruising in a car up the Icefields Parkway, nature displays one unbelievable panorama after another.
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