Airlines sue TSA, Delta retires 747s, comparing amenities across the pond

Airlines sue TSA over higher security fees Two airline trade groups are suing the Transportation Security Administration over how it collects higher security fees. The airlines say the TSA has been collecting more for flights than it should and assessing the fee on domestic portions of airline trips that begin abroad, two things lawmakers in […]

Planning a vacation family trip to Europe? On Lufthansa sitting together now may cost you

Airlines are running out of options for fees. It’s hard to believe that it wasn’t that long ago the main thing economy class travelers in the U.S complained about was airline meals. But, with rare exceptions now, onboard food, even snacks, in economy class are only available for an additional cost. International airlines for the […]

What we’re reading: Alaska’s double miles deal, Earth Hour at MGM Resorts, Delta partners with LinkedIn

Alaska Airlines to offer double miles on British Airways flights between Seattle and London Alaska Airlines will offer its Mileage Plan members double miles on British Airways flights between Seattle and London Heathrow through June 24. In order to qualify for the double points, passengers must be enrolled in Alaska’s Mileage Plan program, and must […]

Codeshares — good for the airlines, not so good for consumers?

Airlines love code-shares. They allow carriers to market and sell and advertise flights to destinations to which they don’t actually fly.

From a consumer point of view, there aren’t many benefits. But airlines are more likely to help out with a delay or missed connection if all flights are on one ticket. On the other hand, a codeshare flight can lull passengers into a false sense of security and have real disadvantages.