United Airlines at EZE: Is this any way to run an airline and an airport?

Ned Levi tells his story of a United Airlines flight leaving Ministro Pistarini International Airport (EZE), in Buenos Aires, Argentina, for the US, and the trouble encountered at check-in, security, and gate rescreening. It’s a story of absurdity, surreal circumstances, crazy security, and airline officials gone mad.

Purchasing airline tickets: A tale of three airlines

Ned Levi thought purchasing airline tickets with upgraded economy seating would be easy. It wasn’t. Ned discusses the difficulties he encountered purchasing airline tickets, with upgraded economy seating, through a travel agent, and also directly on an airline website. The difficulties were bad enough on the airline website, that the ticked purchased ended up being on a different airline than originally anticipated.

What we’re watching: Opera in Buenos Aires shopping mall and three classic tango videos

A friend just sent this first video to me. It came serendipitously at the same time I met with friends who had just returned from a trip to Buenos Aires and Patagonia where they had a chance, while in the city, to learn a bit about Tango. The first video is an afternoon last month in a Buenos Aires shopping center in the Palermo District of the city. That got me to thinking about Tango, so I collected a few of my favorite Tango scenes. Take some time, relax and enjoy.