Sunday musings: A reason to visit Canada, modern biz class but retro coach, cab driver confessions

This brilliant marketing idea (above) is worth a look. It made me think of togetherness, contact and warmth -- all initiated with batteries. AA upgrades only the front class of plane, leaves coach in the 80s. An Uber cab drivers provides an edgy inside look at a night behind the wheel of an Uber cab.
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Weekend what we’re watching: Keeping airports open during winter, defining business class, possible pilot shortages

We look at how Scandinavian airports manage to keep their airports open even with days of non-stop snow. We have an explanation of what defines business class and discover that it is not too easy a class to define. And, USA Today takes a look at the possible pilot shortage new rules and low pay may be creating.

What we’re reading: New Boeing interiors, Bidding for first class, Airfare increases

New Boeing interiors, Bidding for first class, Airfare increases

4 New Year’s traveler resolutions

Ned Levi has four new year's resolutions for travelers which can enhance their sojourns. Ned wishes everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.
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What we’re reading: AMR’s $30M townhouse, Thai ladyboy flight attendants, Top 10 Las Vegas buffets, heavy business class seats

AMR's $30M townhouse discovered in bankruptcy, Thai ladyboy flight attendants, Top 10 Las Vegas buffets, business class seats filled with heavy gadgets
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Waitlisting an upgrade? Why there’s a good chance it may never clear

Of all the frequent flier awards, for many travelers upgrades are the most prized, especially for international travel. With good reason — ten hours or more in coach is generally something to be endured. The same time in business class can be a mini-vacation.

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A love letter to OpenSkies

Karen Fawcett, who commutes between Paris and Washington DC, has given up chasing miles for upgrades. She has discovered OpenSkies and it lovin' it.
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Losing a $5,000 seat to a Federal Air Marshal

Janice Hough tells the story about a super-elite flier losing his seat to a Federal Air Marshal. She wonders why the air marshal would want to be isolated upstairs on a 747.
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Do we look at flying in coach as time in Purgatory?

Our air transportation system is still mired in the 15th-Century world of peasants and landed gentry. Unfortunately, the airlines have been ignoring the peasants in the back of the plane. Worse, they rub the peasants' noses in it but only advertising upscale seating that no normal passenger can afford and then making the lower-class passengers march through the world of spacious luxury before they squeeze into their allotted space.
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Business class travelers are not always business like

Just because a person has money and/or points or miles to upgrade, does not make him or her a good traveler. As a matter of fact, because they're not in the back of the plane may make people feel more entitled. Rich isn't synonymous with well bred.
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