Essential cruise choices for the inexperienced sailor

Cruisers, when booking a cruise must make critical choices, not only of the cruise line, and cruise itinerary, but of the ship's size, specific ship, cabin or suite class, and their specific cabin/suite location, which can make or break their cruise.
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Do you have a right to a little peace and quiet?

There’s no worse form of torture for travelers like Jeanne Marchadie than having to endure the sound of people yakking on a cellphone in close quarters.

Going on a cruise? Tips to help you choose your cabin

Despite the recent bad news about norovirus outbreaks on four ships already this year, the cruise industry is still head toward 20 million or more passengers in 2014. While cruising isn't for everyone, if you're considering a cruise for the first time, Ned Levi has some tips to help you chose your cabin aboard your ship.
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