JetBlue’s CEO to step down, Canadians pay for 1st checked bag, rental car companies screw customers on tolls

We get to muse about losing one of a consumer’s best friends in the airlines, commiserate with the Canadians at their loss of first bag flies free domestically (welcome to the club) and take a look at rental car companies and our metropolitan authorities screwing customers. Somewhere in here is a silver lining. I just […]

Tourism Videos: Exploring Canada, Catalan Coast, Coca for altitude, Cool Holland

The Dutch ask, “Can cool be taught?” This first-in-a-series of “cool” videos takes a novel approach to encouraging visits to Holland. Enjoy. Kokopelli Backpackers Hostel “Anti-Altitude Sickness” Here is positive story about the coca leaf — dealing with altitude sickness? Here is a new definition of “relaxing” from Canada. Catalan’s Coastal Primer GIRONA from Pau […]

Canada allows electronic devices gate to gate, jet lands with cracked windshield, Italians investigating TripAdvisor

Air travelers can now use electronic devices on aircraft in Canada Following the relaxation of rules regarding use of electronic devices in the US, Canada is allowing their use from gate to gate. Transport Minister Lisa Raitt announced the loosening of rules during a news conference at the Ottawa airport on Monday and said she expected […]

Vancouver, a multicultural kaleidoscope of life

The diversity of Vancouver’s multicultural population adds a kaleidoscopic touch. Many residents trace their ancestry back to Chinese immigrants brought in for construction of the Canadian-Pacific Railroad and during the country’s Gold Rush, both at the end of the 19th century. Many more recent arrivals came from the Philippines, Taiwan and other Southeast Asian countries.

Riding the Rocky Mountaineer through the Canadian Rockies

A rail excursion through the mountains of Western Canada aboard the Rocky Mountaineer has long been on my list of to-do train rides. And this morning, here I am: in Vancouver watching a quarter-mile-long train in stunning blue and gold livery ease to a gentle stop at the platform right in front of me.