What we’re reading: Frontier to start charging for carry-ons, airline mergers are not equal, Sky View Observatory ranks in top eleven

Frontier Airlines chooses the dark side, begins charging for carry-on bags Frontier Airlines is following Spirit Airlines’ lead by charging for carry-on bags effective Monday, April 28. They did mention that they are lowering their base airfare by an average of 12 percent. Frontier carry-on fee breakdown:* · Pay for your carry-on online during purchase: […]

Two views of fairness — at TSA and with carry-on bags

The airline industry is getting “fairness” jammed down its throat from both its members and meddling politicians. On one side, Allegiant Air has decided to charge for carry-on bags and defends their decision as fairness, only paying for services passengers use. On the other, Sen. Ben Nelson has introduced a new bill that deems it “unfair” for passengers who pay extra for first class tickets to have a special line at TSA checkpoints.

In airfares, most of all we need transparency and simplicity

The brouhaha over Spirit Airlines’ recent institution of a $45 fee per carry-on, plus the return of Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary’s proposal to charge for the use of in-flight lavatories, brings home the point anew: When it comes to airline fees, passengers don’t need micro-management, but rather transparency and simplification.