What not to ignore when packing for trips

When making packing decisions, consider airline baggage limitations and liability limits, governmental airport security prohibitions and regulations, and travel health needs.

15 carry-on essentials for air travel

Ned Levi has a list of his 15 essentials for you to pack in your carry-ons when you fly. He takes a look at everything he finds important from eye masks and wipes to a tablet and battery backups.

IATA’s bogus motive to reduce size of carry-ons

IATA has proposed smaller limits for carry-on bags to ensure all air travelers will have space in planes’ overhead bins. Ned Levi examines the problem and the IATA solution. He concludes the guideline is about profit, not helping passengers.

TSA security test results: Replace humans with machines

TSA recently failed 96% of the Inspector General’s security checkpoint tests. Ned Levi examines DHS Secretary Johnson’s directives to improve TSA to determine if they address their systemic problems which caused the checkpoint test failures.

Choosing business and leisure travel luggage — Part 1

Over the years, I’ve been given more recommendations than I can count about the type, brand, factors and features of luggage one should consider before purchasing it. On my last trip to Europe I came home with my checked bag literally held together with duct tape. So, I coalesced the luggage information I’ve noted over […]

New carry-on size limits causing problems for some air travelers this summer

Last week, a friend of mine found out about United’s new carry-on size limits the hard way: he was asked to put the carry-on bag he had used for the last five years in United’s “sizer.” Then, because it was about an inch too wide, he had to run back to the ticket counter to […]

Why don’t airlines enforce their carry-on baggage rules?

You’re used to seeing Ned Levi’s column here on Monday, but today it gets a new name: Getting Around. Ned will explore the rules, regulations and policies that make travel better — and worse — and will offer his expert insights into having a better trip.