United cuts winter flights, JetBlue redraws the map, House wants in-flight call ban

United plans capacity cuts for 2015 winter schedule United plans to cut capacity for the first quarter of 2015 by 6.3 percent. Buckingham Research Group analyst Daniel McKenzie’s analysis of published airline schedules predicts that the cutbacks will be the highest on domestic routes in the United States, as well as on flights to Tokyo. […]

Do you have a right to a little peace and quiet?

There’s no worse form of torture for travelers like Jeanne Marchadie than having to endure the sound of people yakking on a cellphone in close quarters. “I shudder to think about what’s going to happen on planes if cellphones are allowed,” says Marchadie, a programmer from Jacksonville, Fla. “What a nightmare — except, of course, […]

Allowing cell phones on planes is not the end of the world

Get a grip, America. Or, rather, get a grip, Congress and the media. From the sounds of things, allowing passengers to speak on cell phones aboard aircraft would be horrendous. Chatty Cathy would be let loose. Strong-arming salesmen would have a field day. Teenage lovers would coo and woo each other while flying across the […]