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    Can fully automated self-serve passenger check-in systems make travel easier?

Can fully automated self-serve passenger check-in systems make travel easier?

Halifax Stanfield airport in Canada introduced the first fully automated airport-wide passenger and luggage check-in system in North America. Ned Levi explains how these systems work and discusses their potential for passengers.

Cruise ship muster drills need improvement

In the last year, Cruise Lines International Association member ships have instituted substantial changes in their muster drill procedures, which have significantly improved passenger safety. Now that they have accomplished those changes it's time to maximize muster drill effectiveness to improve cruise ship safety even more.
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If airline seat assignments matter – 6 tips travelers really should know.

Seat assignments, even when family travel is not involved, are often the most important factors in making or breaking a trip. On a short flight it may not matter, but spending several hours in discomfort is no fun for anyone. Here are six to insure you get the seat you want.
By |January 2nd, 2013|Today|5 Comments|

Is Southwest’s EarlyBird check-in worth $10? The answer is …

Yes. Sure, Southwest's decision to begin charging for early boarding is taking it on a slippery slope toward a la carte fees, but what a ride it is, according to passengers like Jennifer Rigdon.
By |September 22nd, 2009|Today|21 Comments|

Blocked from checking in – but charged anyway

Gabriel Medina can't reach his hotel in New Orleans because there's a police barricade in front of it. A manager promises to "help" him cancel the reservation, but three days later, his credit card is charged $113. Now his credit card has sided with the hotel. Is there anything else he can do?

Have a seat: How to get a better reservation every time

Ned offers advice about choosing airline seats when you make your reservation, and how to deal with airline seat reassignments.
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