You can connect, but your bags can’t — UA and AA’s latest service cut

No one doubts that when possible, it’s best to have an entire connecting trip on one ticket. On the other hand, sometimes that just isn’t possible. Or, it’s a lot more expensive. For examples, anyone using a free ticket with mileage and then connecting on needs to have two tickets. And, while within the U.S, […]

IRS: Airline baggage fees not taxable as transportation, security fees are taxable

A few business magazines and some blogs have commented on this “non-taxable” ruling. But upon further examination, baggage fees are taxable, just not as transportation. It appears that taxes are eventually collected from the airlines for these fees as overall corporate profits and passengers may actually benefit from not having 7.5 percent transportation federal excise tax slapped on the baggage fees.

Delta Air Lines wins infamous Golden Luggage Award

With the steady increase in checked-baggage fees and the broadening of the application of those fees, many passengers have been wondering just what they get for their money when they check a bag domestically. The answer: nothing.

Delta wins the Golden Luggage Award this quarter with a stellar effort at collecting more fees than any other airline but also managing to rack up the most luggage-related complaints.