6 airline passenger rights that didn’t exist last year

Over the past three years, passenger protections have slowly but surely made their way through the rulemaking process in Washington, DC. New tarmac-delay rules have been instituted and have eliminated much of the tarmac-delay issues. But, the Department of Transportation (DOT) didn’t stop there. The last of the most recent rules are coming into effect. These new rules, six of which are listed below, have changed the landscape of passenger protections.

5 items you really need to bring in your carry-on

Most frequent and even semi-regular travelers know the basic drill — don’t put anything really important in your checked baggage. Most columns and posts are jewelry, keys, prescription medicines, computers and anything exceptionally valuable. But there other important items that we can’t live without.

Airlines’ dirty little pilfered luggage secret

The airlines and TSA are fighting an ongoing battle against theft from checked luggage. The installation of more and more automated baggage handling systems has reduced theft. However, until human contact is eliminated, the problem probably won’t be exorcised.