IATA’s bogus motive to reduce size of carry-ons

IATA has proposed smaller limits for carry-on bags to ensure all air travelers will have space in planes’ overhead bins. Ned Levi examines the problem and the IATA solution. He concludes the guideline is about profit, not helping passengers.

12 tips to protect belongings while traveling

Last month I wrote a two part series about “Choosing business and leisure travel luggage.” In it, I discussed the many attributes which should be considered when choosing luggage, including physical dimensions, weight, soft or hard sided, wheels or no wheels, handles, zippers, closures, organization, etc. Even if you could choose “perfect” luggage, it doesn’t […]

Choosing business and leisure travel luggage — Part 1

Over the years, I’ve been given more recommendations than I can count about the type, brand, factors and features of luggage one should consider before purchasing it. On my last trip to Europe I came home with my checked bag literally held together with duct tape. So, I coalesced the luggage information I’ve noted over […]

How long is too long? Is it time to regulate airline baggage delivery?

For most travelers, with most carriers, the days of free checked baggage are long gone. But, while the traveling public seems to have accepted baggage fees, one would think that along with the fees at least some level of service would become standard. Alas, for now, one would be wrong. Alaska Airlines does stand out […]

3 additional rules for packing checked luggage defensively

Last week I wrote about “5 rules for packing checked luggage defensively.” The rules are necessitated by woeful liability limits, set by governments, for luggage lost or damaged by the airlines. The liability issue is further exacerbated on US domestic flights by the airlines eliminating their liability, as per their contracts of carriage, on breakables, […]

5 rules for packing checked luggage defensively

Many air travelers think there’s nothing worse than having arrived at their destination airport, waiting at the baggage carousel while everyone else picks up their luggage, only to find their bag was lost, ripped or torn; or, when they open their baggage in their hotel, find broken or missing items.

Lessons learned about “ultra-cheap” airlines now charging for carry-ons

When Frontier Airlines announced they would begin charging for carry-on luggage this summer, Ned Levi’s curiosity was piqued and he decided to look into flying the “ultra-cheap” airlines, Frontier and Spirit, and compare them to US Airways, the dominant airline at his home airport. Take a look at how the comparison worked out.