United Airlines CEO resigns, Personal space on planes, self-driving cars subject to hacking

United CEO Jeff Smisek resigns amid federal probe Smisek has resigned in disgrace and in the midst of a federal grand jury corruption probe. But, he won’t suffer unless he goes to jail. His severance package is worth millions, together with free air travel for life. In the airline industry, even the worst, law-breaking, resigning-under-pressure-of-investigation […]

LAX passport kiosks, O’Hare may take back title, SWA to use biofuels

LAX unveils automated kiosks for international travelers International travelers going to Los Angeles may be able to use automated kiosks, thereby reducing their wait time. The 40 Automated Passport Control kiosks at the Tom Bradley International Terminal will allow international travelers to submit biographical information and customs declarations electronically, cutting down on the time spent […]

4 reasons why: it’s summertime and the flyin’ ain’t easy

Many travelers dread winter travel with all the potential storms that can close airports and delay flights. But, while a major snowstorm can cause havoc, I find summer travel, especially with connecting flights, to be as bad or worse in terms of travel problems.

Dude, where’s my plane? A gate change adventure in Chicago

Most frequent travelers know always to check departure gate monitors upon arrival for a connecting flight, despite any information printed on the boarding pass, or passed on by a helpful flight attendant. Some, perhaps more paranoid or from bitter experience, check it more frequently. Last Friday night in O’Hare with United Express #7930 was a night to validate the most paranoid amongst us.

Changing terminals — take the shuttle or walk?

We all love it when we arrive a few gates away from our connecting flight. Although it usually seems to happen when we have plenty of time to make our connection. It’s Murphy’s Law, when the connection is tight — airlines seem to love to create the greatest distance between gates.