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    Frontier starts at O’Hare, AA/US integrate fare codes, Newark Liberty to get upgrade

Frontier starts at O’Hare, AA/US integrate fare codes, Newark Liberty to get upgrade

Frontier launches new service from O'Hare, AA/US integrate fare codes, Newark Liberty to get upgrade

What we’re reading: Airlines comment on AA/US merger, LAX & ORD predicted to be busiest on Thanksgiving, Freedom Tower is America’s tallest

DL, VX, WN have their say about the merger, LAX, ORD predicted to be busiest this Thanskgiving, Willis Tower no longer tallest building in US

What we’re reading: United O’Hare employee clinic, UA plane hits fuel truck, 787 probe widens

United O'Hare free employee clinic at Walgreens, United plane hits fuel truck, excess battery voltage ruled out in Boeing 787s

International flight connection? Beware starting with a short hop

International nonstops flights are great, but they aren't available to most destinations. When planning travel, many travelers go for the shortest total time, however, the connection point can often be a more important factor.
By |July 26th, 2011|Today|15 Comments|

Easiest airport to miss a flight in the U.S.? Dulles and other contenders

It's the call no travel agent wants to get, and no traveler wants to make — "I'm going to miss my flight, what's the next one." Sometimes agents get the happy task of informing travelers that the flight is also late; more often, it's a scramble for alternatives.
By |March 14th, 2011|Today|13 Comments|

What we’re reading: JetBlue excited about new A320, AA & UA vs. ORD, Westjet/DL agreement

JetBlue excited about new A320, AA & UA vs Chicago on airport improvements, Westjet and Delta in expanded codeshare agreement

5 tips for summer air-travel weather delays

While summer may seem like a safer time to travel, there are a number of weather issues that can seriously impact a trip, some on a regular basis. Certain airports seem to have chronic problems.
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Playing the slots – why all airlines’ weather delays are not created equal

Basically in a weather delay situation, ATC (Air Traffic Control) gives each airline a certain number of "slots" — i.e. how many planes they can land within a given time. Each airline then prioritizes their flights accordingly.
By |June 1st, 2010|Today|4 Comments|

Controversy blows into Windy City with planned Virgin America service to O’Hare

This morning, Virgin America announced that Chicago O'Hare will be its newest destination once the infamously over-crowded airport opens a new runway this coming November.

Travelers “rattled” at O’Hare

Some new residents have taken up home at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport -- and by "residents" I mean "rodents" -- dozens and dozens of rodents.